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MediaWiki Pivot Skin

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A MediaWiki skin that focuses on mobile first but will pivot to all viewports with elegance. Supports responsive layouts and has classes predefined for Semantic MediaWiki. Built on the Zurb Foundation 5 CSS framework.


First, copy the Pivot source files into your MediaWiki skins directory (see skinning for general information on MediaWiki skins). You can either download the files and extract them from:

You should extract that into a folder named pivot in your skins directory.

Alternatively, you can use git to clone the repository, which makes it very easy to update the code, using:

git clone

After that, you can issue git pull to update the code at anytime.


Once the skin is in place add the following line to your LocalSettings.php file.

wfLoadSkin( 'pivot' );

This will activate Pivot in your installation. At this point you can select it as a user skin in your user preferences.

To activate Pivot for all users and anonymous visitors, you need to set the $wgDefaultSkin variable and set it to pivot.

$wgDefaultSkin = "pivot";


Use following features in LocalSettings.php to change the behavior.

  • 'showActionsForAnon' => true displays page actions for non-logged-in visitors.
  • 'showHelpUnderTools' => true a Link to "Help" will be created under "Tools".
  • 'showRecentChangesUnderTool's => true a Link to "recent changes" will be created under "Tools".
  • 'IeEdgeCode' => 1 will produce a meta tag with "X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge", 2 will sent a header, 0 nothing will be done
  • 'fixedNavBar' => false will allow the NavBar to scroll with the content, true will lock the NavBar.
  • 'navbarIcon' => false no icon in mobile view, true to use the global set logopath image of the wiki.
  • 'showFooterIcons' => false will show text in place of footer icons, true will output the icons as globally set.
  • 'addThisPUBID' => '' empty string will not fire the AddThis script, 'ra-##-#######' publisher ID will allow the run the AddThis script in async on content pages only.
  • 'useAddThisShare' => '' default empty string, do not use AddThis share, your_addthis_specific_div_class_string will insert the share toolbox div directly under page title, but before the tagline with your custom div class.
  • 'useAddThisFollow' => '' default empty string, do not use AddThis follow, your_addthis_specific_div_class_string will insert the follow toolbox div in the right-footer area before icon or text output with your custom div class.

These are the default values and the example of the array to change the defaults. Add the following after wfLoadSkin( 'pivot' ); in LocalSettings.php to change the feature defaults:

$wgPivotFeatures = array(
	'showActionsForAnon' => true,
	'fixedNavBar' => false,
	'showHelpUnderTools' => true,
	'showRecentChangesUnderTools' => true,
	'wikiName' => &$GLOBALS['wgSitename'],
	'wikiNameDesktop' => &$GLOBALS['wgSitename'],
	'navbarIcon' => false,
	'IeEdgeCode' => 1,
	'showFooterIcons' => false,
	'addThisPUBID' => '',
	'useAddThisShare' => '',
	'useAddThisFollow' => ''

Notes on other skins

As you build a wiki out with Pivot you will likely use the responsive grid from Foundation. This is key to making a responsive wiki, and is one of the largest migration requirements when you want to move a wiki that previously used Vector (and likely a lot of tables for layout) to Pivot. Once you do this, the ability of a user to select whatever skin will be removed. If you take full advantage of Pivot in your templates the lack of the Foundation grid will make viewing the wiki using Vector or MonoBook very difficult.

Because of this, it is suggested that you set the $wgSkipSkins variable to make sure that everyone sees the site as you intended it. This removes other skins from being user selectable options.

# Pivot is specific, so lets disable other skins
$wgSkipSkins = array( 'chick', 'cologneblue', 'modern', 'myskin', 'nostalgia', 'simple', 'standard', 'filament', 'monobook', 'vector' );

You may also want to allow users to set a User CSS if they want to tweak things inside of Pivot. This is entirely optional.

# Allow User CSS, mostly for skin testing
$wgAllowUserCss = true;

Using Pivot

Questions, open an issue in this repo on Github.