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# alexa-remote-control
control Amazon Alexa from command Line
The settings can now be controlled via environment variables.
BROWSER - the User-Agent your browser sends in the request header
AMAZON - your Amazon domain
ALEXA - the URL you would use for the Alexa Web App
CURL - location of your cURL binary
OPTS - any cURL options you require
TMP - location of the temp dir
SPEAKVOL - the volume for speak messages ( if set to 0, volume levels are left untouched)
NORMALVOL - if no current playing volume can be determined, fall back to normal volume
VOLMAXAGE - max. age in minutes before volume is re-read from API
DEVICEVOLNAME - a list of device names with specific volume settings (space separated)
DEVICEVOLSPEAK - a list of speak volume levels - matching the devices above
DEVICEVOLNORMAL - a list of normal volume levels- matching the devices above
(current playing volume takes precedence for normal volume)
REFRESH_TOKEN - the new preference over EMAIL/PASSWORD can be obtained here:
alexa-remote-control [-d <device>|ALL] -e <pause|play|next|prev|fwd|rwd|shuffle|repeat|vol:<0-100>> |
-b [list|<"AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF">] | -q | -n | -r <"station name"|stationid> |
-s <trackID|'Artist' 'Album'> | -t <ASIN> | -u <seedID> | -v <queueID> |
-w <playlistId> | -i | -p | -P | -S | -a | -z | -l | -h |
-m <multiroom_device> [device_1 .. device_X] | -lastalexa | -lastcommand
-e : run command, additional SEQUENCECMDs:
speak:'<text/ssml>',automation:'<routine name>',sound:<soundeffect_name>,
textcommand:'<anything you would otherwise say to Alexa>',
playmusic:<channel e.g. TUNEIN, AMAZON_MUSIC>:'<music name>'
-b : connect/disconnect/list bluetooth device
-c : list 'playmusic' channels
-q : query queue
-n : query notifications
-r : play tunein radio
-s : play library track/library album
-t : play Prime playlist
-u : play Prime station
-v : play Prime historical queue
-w : play library playlist
-i : list imported library tracks
-p : list purchased library tracks
-P : list Prime playlists
-S : list Prime stations
-a : list available devices
-m : delete multiroom and/or create new multiroom containing devices
-lastalexa : print device that received the last voice command
-lastcommand : print last voice command or last voice command of specific device
-login : Logs in, without further command (downloads cookie)
-z : print current volume level
-l : logoff
-h : help
The Alexa-App way of logging in is using a REFRESH_TOKEN which allows for obtaining the session cookies. This replaces EMAIL/PASSWORD/MFA so those will not be exposed in any scripts anymore. For convenience I created a binary, ready to run: