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"@metadata": {
"authors": [
"John Reid"
"comments-comment": "Comment",
"comments-desc": "Eiks <code>&lt;comments&gt;</code> parser huik that permits commentin oan pages",
"comments-db-locked": "<h3>Eikin comments</h3>The database is nou locked fer routine database maintenance, efter this it will be back til normal. Please check back later!",
"comments-voted-label": "Voted",
"comments-loading": "Laidin...",
"comments-auto-refresher-enable": "Enable comment autæ-refresher",
"comments-auto-refresher-pause": "Pause comment autæ-refresher",
"comments-reply-to": "Replie tae {{GENDER:$2|$1}}",
"comments-cancel-reply": "Cancel",
"comments-block-warning-anon": "Ar ye sair that ye want tae permanentlie ignore aw comments fae this anonymous uiser (bi waa o thair IP address)?",
"comments-block-warning-user": "Ar ye sair that ye want tae permanentlie ignore aw comments fae uiser $1?",
"comments-delete-warning": "Ar ye sair that ye want tae delyte this comment?",
"comments-sort-by-date": "Sort bi date",
"comments-sort-by-score": "Sort bi score",
"comments-show-comment-link": "Shaw comment",
"comments-manage-blocklist-link": "Manage ignore leet",
"comments-ignore-message": "Ye'r ignorin the auther o this comment",
"comments-you": "Ye",
"comments-reply": "Replie",
"comments-login-required": "Ye maun be loggit in tae eik comments",
"comments-not-allowed": "Ye'r na permitit tae post comments.",
"comments-post": "Post comment",
"comments-submit": "Eik yer comment",
"comments-score-text": "Score",
"comments-permalink": "Permalink",
"comments-delete-link": "Delyte comment",
"comments-anon-name": "Anonymous uiser",
"comments-anon-message": "{{SITENAME}} weelcomes <b>aw comments</b>. Gif ye dinna want tae be anonymous, <a href=\"$1\">register</a> or <a href=\"$2\">log in</a>. It's free.",
"comments-links-are-forbidden": "External links in comments ar forbidden!",
"comments-is-spam": "Submitted tex o the comment wis interpreted aes spam.",
"comments-ignore-item": "<a href=\"$1\">$2</a> oan $3 <a href=\"$4\">(onblock)</a>",
"comments-ignore-no-users": "Thaur ar naw uisers blockit richt nou.",
"comments-ignore-remove-message": "Ar ye sair ye want tae onblock uiser <b>$1</b>'s comments?",
"comments-ignore-unblock": "Onblock",
"comments-ignore-cancel": "Cancel",
"comments-ignore-title": "Comment ignore leet",
"commentignorelist": "Comment ignore leet",
"comments-no-comments-of-day": "Thaur ar naw comments o the day.",
"log-name-comments": "Comments log",
"log-description-comments": "This is ae log o comments.",
"logentry-comments-add": "$1 posted ae new comment oan $3",
"logentry-comments-delete": "$1 delytit comment #$4 oan $3",
"comments-time-ago": "$1 syne",
"comments-time-months": "{{PLURAL:$1|yin month|$1 months}}",
"comments-time-days": "{{PLURAL:$1|yin day|$1 days}}",
"comments-time-hours": "{{PLURAL:$1|yin hoor|$1 hoors}}",
"comments-time-minutes": "{{PLURAL:$1|yin minute|$1 minutes}}",
"comments-time-seconds": "{{PLURAL:$1|yin seicont|$1 seiconts}}",
"log-show-hide-comments": "$1 comment log",
"group-commentadmin": "Comment admeenistraters",
"group-commentadmin-member": "{{GENDER:$1|comment admeenistrater}}",
"grouppage-commentadmin": "{{ns:project}}:Comment admeenistraters",
"right-comment": "Haun comments in",
"right-commentadmin": "Admeenistrate uiser-haunit-in comments",
"right-commentlinks": "Uise external links in comments"