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"@metadata": {
"authors": [
"George Animal",
"comments-comment": "Şîrove",
"comments-loading": "Tê barkirin...",
"comments-cancel-reply": "Betal bike",
"comments-show-comment-link": "Şîroveyê nîşan bide",
"comments-you": "Tu",
"comments-reply": "Bersiv bide",
"comments-ignore-cancel": "Betal bike",
"comments-time-ago": "berî $1",
"comments-time-days": "{{PLURAL:$1|rojek|$1 roj}}",
"right-comment": "Şîroveyan tomar bike",
"right-commentlinks": "Girêdanên derve di nav şîroveyan de bi kar bîne"