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  1. {
  2. "@metadata": {
  3. "authors": [
  4. "McDutchie"
  5. ]
  6. },
  7. "apihelp-commentblock-param-commentID": "ID del commento del usator a blocar",
  8. "apihelp-commentdelete-param-commentID": "ID del commento a deler",
  9. "apihelp-commentlatestid-param-pageID": "ID del pagina ubi se trova le ultime commento",
  10. "apihelp-commentlist-param-pageID": "ID del pagina de ubi proveni le lista de commentos",
  11. "apihelp-commentlist-param-order": "Defini si le lista de commentos es in ordine ascendente o descendente",
  12. "apihelp-commentlist-param-pagerPage": "Numero de pagina del commento",
  13. "apihelp-commentlist-param-showForm": "Monstrar le formulario de commentos",
  14. "apihelp-commentsubmit-param-pageID": "ID del pagina ubi submitter le commento",
  15. "apihelp-commentsubmit-param-parentID": "ID del commento genitor",
  16. "apihelp-commentsubmit-param-commentText": "Texto del commento",
  17. "apihelp-commentvote-param-commentID": "ID del commento pro le qual votar",
  18. "apihelp-commentvote-param-voteValue": "Valor del voto pro le commento",
  19. "comments-comment": "Commento",
  20. "comments-desc": "Adde un uncino del analysator syntactic <code>&lt;comments&gt;</code> que permitte commentar paginas",
  21. "comments-db-locked": "<h3>Addition de commentos</h3>Le base de datos es presentemente serrate pro mantenentia routinari. Postea illo retornara al functionamento normal. Per favor reveni plus tarde.",
  22. "comments-voted-label": "Votate",
  23. "comments-loading": "Cargamento...",
  24. "comments-auto-refresher-enable": "Activar le actualisation automatic de commentos",
  25. "comments-auto-refresher-pause": "Pausar le actualisation automatic de commentos",
  26. "comments-reply-to": "Responder a {{GENDER:$2|$1}}",
  27. "comments-cancel-reply": "Cancellar",
  28. "comments-block-warning-anon": "Es tu secur de voler ignorar permanentemente tote le commentos de iste usator anonyme (per medio de su adresse IP)?",
  29. "comments-block-warning-user": "Es tu secur de voler ignorar permanentemente tote le commentos del usator $1?",
  30. "comments-delete-warning": "Es tu secur de voler deler iste commento?",
  31. "comments-sort-by-date": "Ordinar per data",
  32. "comments-sort-by-score": "Ordinar per score",
  33. "comments-show-comment-link": "Monstrar commento",
  34. "comments-manage-blocklist-link": "Gerer lista de ignoratos",
  35. "comments-ignore-message": "Tu ignora le autor de iste commento",
  36. "comments-you": "Tu",
  37. "comments-reply": "Responder",
  38. "comments-login-required": "Es necessari aperir session pro poter adder commentos",
  39. "comments-not-allowed": "Tu non ha le permission de commentar.",
  40. "comments-post": "Adder commento",
  41. "comments-submit": "Adder tu commento",
  42. "comments-score-text": "Score",
  43. "comments-permalink": "Permaligamine",
  44. "comments-delete-link": "Deler commento",
  45. "comments-anon-name": "Usator anonyme",
  46. "comments-anon-message": "{{SITENAME}} accepta <b>omne commentos</b>. Si tu non vole esser anonyme, <a href=\"$1\">crea un conto</a> o <a href=\"$2\">aperi session</a>. Es gratuite.",
  47. "comments-links-are-forbidden": "Ligamines externe non es permittite in commentos.",
  48. "comments-is-spam": "Le texto submittite del commento ha essite interpretate como spam.",
  49. "comments-ignore-item": "<a href=\"$1\">$2</a> le $3 <a href=\"$4\">(disblocar)</a>",
  50. "comments-ignore-no-users": "Il non ha usatores blocate.",
  51. "comments-ignore-remove-message": "Es tu secur de voler disblocar le commentos del usator <b>$1</b>?",
  52. "comments-ignore-unblock": "Disblocar",
  53. "comments-ignore-cancel": "Cancellar",
  54. "comments-ignore-title": "Lista de commentos ignorate",
  55. "commentignorelist": "Lista de commentos ignorate",
  56. "log-name-comments": "Registro de commentos",
  57. "log-description-comments": "Isto es un registro de commentos.",
  58. "logentry-comments-add": "$1 lassava un nove commento sur $3",
  59. "logentry-comments-delete": "$1 deleva le commento №$4 sur $3",
  60. "comments-time-ago": "$1 retro",
  61. "comments-time-months": "{{PLURAL:$1|un mense|$1 menses}}",
  62. "comments-time-days": "{{PLURAL:$1|un die|$1 dies}}",
  63. "comments-time-hours": "{{PLURAL:$1|un hora|$1 horas}}",
  64. "comments-time-minutes": "{{PLURAL:$1|un minuta|$1 minutas}}",
  65. "comments-time-seconds": "{{PLURAL:$1|un secunda|$1 secundas}}",
  66. "log-show-hide-comments": "$1 le registro de commentos",
  67. "group-commentadmin": "Administratores de commentos",
  68. "group-commentadmin-member": "{{GENDER:$1|administrator de commentos}}",
  69. "grouppage-commentadmin": "{{ns:project}}:Administratores de commentos",
  70. "right-comment": "Submitter commentos",
  71. "right-commentadmin": "Administrar commentos submittite per usatores",
  72. "right-commentlinks": "Usar ligamines externe in commentos",
  73. "right-comment-delete-own": "Deler le proprie commentos"
  74. }